Bamboolicious running on global Inflight Entertainment!


Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen. Welcome aboard Air Berlin flight 001. If you’re flying Air Berlin right now you can listen to Pimpy Panda 🐼 in their inflight Music Entertainment. How cool is that??????????


»This PIMPY PANDA band is stone cold phonky! (…) It has been cool to see these young cats develop & mature through the years. I‘m proud to call them friends & colleagues.«
Philip Lassiter – Prince, Snarky Puppy, Roberta Flack, et al.

»My first reaction ›WOW!‹ PIMPY PANDA’s music has ingredients of progressive funk, R&B, and jazz. Music with taste and intelligence. It takes something special to excite me and PIMPY PANDA does.«
Gary Winters – Lenny Kravitz, Aretha Franklin, Fred Wesley, et al.

Write us  ( and we’ll send you the album for 15 Euro/17 USD etc.

Digital download on

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